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Sep 25 2010 - 4:00am

This week: Apple rumors, Verizon rumors, new Flip camcorders, and more! Check out the top news and stories you might have missed this week on GeekSugar.

Find More Tweeters to Follow on Twitter

Twitter has a pretty well-rounded follower recommendation tool, but if you want to look elsewhere, you can now check out Bing Social [1], giving you recommendations on influential Twitter users to follow.

Blockbuster Files For Bankruptcy

One-time movie rental powerhouse Blockbuster filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy [2] this week. The company has more than $1 billion worth of debt and is asking for help so it can restructure but won't be shutting all its doors.

Geeky Tech Details From the Makers of Catfish

The first time I saw the trailer for the movie Catfish, I didn't think it was real — it's unlike any trailer I've seen. But after heading to an advance screening of the film, which opened in select cities over the weekend, I learned firsthand that it is real. I had a chance to chat with the film's makers and stars — here's what they had to say [3].

Rumor Mill: New 7-inch iPad on the Way

This week, one analyst reported that Apple may be coming out with a 7-inch iPad [4], and that it may be ready as soon as early next year. The analyst, who cites conversations with Apple's suppliers, predicts such a product will launch to better compete with the smaller-sized devices and appeal to consumers who feel the current 9.7-inch screen on the iPad is too large.

WiFi Finally Coming to JetBlue

JetBlue announced plans to finally incorporate in-flight Internet access: the company has committed to bringing wireless Internet [5] to its flights by 2012.

Brand-New Flip Cameras

Pocket cam pioneer Flip is updating its line of offerings [6]. Both the UltraHD and MinoHD camcorders are new and improved, featuring enhanced HD shooting (including image stabilization, which was noticeably missing from past models), more personalization options, and an enhanced version of FlipShare, the program used to import and edit Flip videos on your computer.

Foursquare 2.0

Foursquare announced an update to its popular iPhone app [7] yesterday that makes finding tips and adding to-dos so much easier.

PlayStation Move Popping Up in a Mall Near You

Want to give the new PlayStation Move a try before you buy? You're in luck! Starting now and continuing for the next nine weeks, dedicated "PlayStation HQ" locations are popping up in cities and malls across the country [8] to give fans a chance to try the brand-new PlayStation Move for PlayStation 3.

The Latest From the Verizon iPhone Rumor Mill

The Verizon/iPhone rumor mill keeps on turning, and this time it's made a complete 180. On the heels of news that Apple was gearing up to produce 3 million Verizon-compatible 3G CMDA phones this coming December comes the report that while a Verizon iPhone seems possible, it will probably be for the network's not-yet-built 4G network [9].

New Google Voice Apps

The day has finally come — Google Voice apps have been approved in the iTunes App Store! If you're a fan of Google Voice and are using the web app, consider making the switch to a dedicated app soon. Here are a few that are live in the App Store [10] for your consideration.

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