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Tracy Morgan in a Cell Phone Costume on Set With Bruce Willis in NYC

Big Ups to the Clamshell: Best Flip Phones Out There Today

NBC's 30 Rock has a coveted season pass slot on my TiVo, and funnyman Tracy Morgan is just one reason why I keep coming back for more. I caught these pics of Tracy donning a big cell phone costume last week while filming scenes for A Couple of Dicks in New York with Bruce Willis, but I have to say it looks mighty uncomfortable! I don't know much about the flick, but I do know a thing or two about clamshell flip phones, and they come with certain advantages.

The trend may be heading toward larger iPhones and Blackberrys being all the rage (guilty as charged), but clamshells are generally smaller and more compact, which makes them much easier to tote than a candy-bar style phone. So I realized I gotta give some love to my flip phone lovers out there, too. Check out some of my picks for the best flip phones on the market when you


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