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The Adventures of a Real-World Error Page

Apr 6 2014 - 2:13pm

Yeah, we'll admit it, when there's a down moment on the job — or in life — the funny, weird, sometimes disturbing pictures of Imgur [1] make it our first browsing stop on the web. Ahead, the pictures that had us "awwing," laughing, and of course, sending to everyone.

Source: Reddit user tpr68 via Imgur [2]

"The best thing about pregnant women is the free WiFi."

Source: Reddit user ColourScientist via Imgur [3]

"There is a clever Target employee in my town."

Source: Reddit user tpr68 via Imgur [4]

"Scratch, scratch. Boop."

Source: Reddit user whiskey06 via Imgur [5]

"Finally, a shirt that gets me!"

Source: Reddit user CTRicky via Imgur [6]

"My cousin is the cutest pregnant girl ever."

Source: Reddit user miss_katiepie via Imgur [7]

"There's a picture of Spider-Man and Pippi Longstocking arm wrestling in my English textbook."

Source: Reddit user falarikae via Imgur [8]

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