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Transfer iPhone App Purchases to iTunes Library

Geek Tip: Easily Transfer Apps Purchased on iPhone to iTunes

One of the best parts about having the App store on your iPhone is that you can quickly and easily download new apps on the go. But when you perform your iTunes backups (and don't have your apps set to automatically sync), they don't all transfer over to your library. Frustrating? Yes. But my friend PetSugar stumbled upon a way to get all those apps purchased on your phone to your iTunes library with just a click. Find out how after the break.

By right-clicking (or command > click) on your iPhone's icon in iTunes, you'll see the option to "Transfer Purchases." Selecting that option will move all of your iPhone-purchased apps to your iTunes library. This works great if you haven't yet set your apps to sync with iTunes, or, as in PetSugar's case, she had her computer serviced by Apple, which wiped her iTunes library clean. Note that in order to move the apps over to the library, you'll need to be using an "authorized device" — no sharing apps among friends! Once you transfer all your purchases over, you can then sync your apps, and all the hard work will be done for you!

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