Transform Your iPod Into A Translator With iSpeak

For all the traveling I do, this should be a product that I never leave home without. Who knew that your iPod can be used as a portable translator? With McGraw-Hill's iSpeak you can download 1,500 audio phrases in French, German, Spanish or French right into your iPod!
All you have to do is go to 'artist' and choose the theme you want. Then go to "album" and select the topic within the theme. From there you just select the phrase you want to hear and you will not only hear it but you will see it on your iPod screen! These translating travel buddies are only $13 and are also compatible with the Zune and other mp3 players. If you want other languages, expect Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese editions to launch this summer. Now if only I would have had the Spanish iSpeak and my iPod on me when I got lost in Barcelona!

iSpeak Italian

iSpeak German

iSpeak French

iSpeak Spanish