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Trend: Forget The Ride. Pimp Your PC

May 29 2007 - 9:00am

As much as I love flat screens, video games and built-in backseat aquariums, I have never, nor will I ever understand the "Pimp My Ride" phenomenon. Aside from the usual GPS, cell phone, DVD and potential wifi, I can't imagine needing or feeling comfortable in a bright purple Mustang complete with stunners and complete theater system. The same goes for pimped out computers, which if one company has its way, will soon be all the rage.

Smooth Creations [0] is advertising a service so you can get every peripheral you wanted with your system painted to match. They will paint the interior of the system, your LCD, speakers, mouse, keyboard, even an iPod whatever awful color you want. Getting the works [1] costs about $8,000, so you better choose that color wisely my friend. Note: The person that chose this butterscotch hue is probably regretting it. Just a hunch.

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