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Trend: Geeky Wedding Cakes

With wedding season in full swing everyone has been talking about my favorite things: rings, dresses and cakes. I tend to keep up on tech and cake news so I should have realized that a surge of geeky cakes, like the iPhone cake and the Super Mario Bros. cake would influence the wedding cake market and give birth to beauties like this Nintendo wedding cake I found on Flickr. I am going to attribute the trend to a couple things, one being the Ace of Cakes show on the Food Network, which details the joy of a finely designed and decorated cake, and the other being the fact that nothing looks more delicious than a giant Nintendo.

There are many things to be said here, starting with kudos for the non-traditional cake (my Flickr snooping tells me the rest of their wedding was pretty traditional and elegant). The caption explains that the groom is a big Nintendo fan (no doy!). I say, that bride must be amazing.

There are two other delightfully geeky wedding cakes, read more

This Super Mario Bros. wedding cake was entirely edible except for the Mario and Princess on top. "It even tasted good," said the Flickr user who put it up. "It was seriously the coolest wedding cake I have ever seen."



The Star Wars Wedding cakes are in my humble opinion, the highest pinnacle of the geeky wedding cake pyramid.

If you check out the album on Flickr, you will see the couple went all out with a full Star Wars theme - Jedi and all.







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