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Trend: Pay For A Powernap In The YeloChair

A new kind of spa, which offers a sleep therapy system of 20 to 40 minutes is targeting those of us that are easily tired by the "pressures of modern life." That phrase usually points to the internet-addicted, sit-at-your-desk- all-day masses, so I can only assume they want us to join them in their new concept in wellness.

Yelo is an upscale New York spa that offers body treatments designed to heal and alleviate specific conditions or ailments so that you can emerge balanced and energized. The concept airs on the techie side because the treatment takes place in a Yelocab, a "patented treatment cabin" and on a YeloChair, a custom-designed luxury chair that's thickly-cushioned and surrounded by LED lights and special angle settings. The chair reclines deeply to keep your legs elevated above your heart, so that your pulse slows down. Apparently, this prompts a feeling of weightlessness, which encourages full relaxation and sleep within minutes. Inside the YeloCab you get purified air, chromatherapy, aromatherapy, a diverse music selection and of course the technologically-advanced, luxurious YeloChair to help you get your nap on.

When your reflexology or nap treatment is over you are "gradually awakened by a sunrise, simulated by soft LED lights." Naps alone cost $12 (for 20-minutes) to $24 (for 40 minutes), while the full 60 minutes of Yelo Reflexology costs $100. For a close look at the chair and cabin, read more

According to the Yelo website, the nap program is so popular they now offer memberships. I'm all for making mid-day naps popular, but I can't help thinking paying someone to let you sleep in their special chair seems a bit unnatural. Then again, no one can deny the effectiveness of a power nap.



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