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Trend: Upgrade Your Credit Card with CreditCovers

Do you ever look at your credit card and thing, "golly, this thing is boring. I really need to bling it out so it looks more exciting!" Enter CreditCovers, which are trendy "skins" for your credit cards. In fact, the covers work for any kind of plastic - credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, cash cards, loyalty cards, store cards and gift cards. Think about it," says the website. "There are three things you probably never leave the house with: your cell, your ID, and your credit card. You don't let your mom choose your clothes, so why would you let your bank choose how your cards look? Why not have some cool, original art on your cards - a different CreditCover for every card!"
Note: They're not slipcovers, they only apply to the front of your cards, not the back, so they won't mess up your magnetic strip. All styles cost $4.99.





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