If you're a Skype or Flickr user, you MUST check out Moo.com, which allows users to turn their digital photo archive and contact information into colorful cards with unique designs. The cards are smaller than your usual business card and offer an element of fun so you can share your name, email, blog, and vital statistics with friends, colleagues or attractive strangers in the real world without feeling like a geek. (Seriously, how dorky do you usually feel when you give people your card?)

The steps are incredibly simple: 1. Choose the photos you'd like on your cards from your Flickr photostream. (Every card can be different.) 2. Highlight the area of the photo you'd like on your MiniCards. (You do this on the moo website.) 3. Choose colors and fonts, add your name and contact details. 4. Submit your credit card information and wait by the mailbox.