Twitter, Firefox, R2-D2 Sneakers

Socialize Your Feet With Twitter, Firefox Sneaks

Twitter, Firefox, R2-D2 Sneakers

I'm a big-time Twitter fan, but I'm on the fence on whether or not I'd rock these Twitter shoes from Brass Monki (around $400). Coming with the classic colors and Twitter bird, these sneaks seem to be made for men but can satisfy the geekiest cravings for the ladies; just size down for smaller feet. Biggest problem — what would I wear with them? I guess I'd have to recruit FabSugar for some help.

Since the shop does some other awesomely themed kicks (Firefox being another), it's worth a look for the novelty of it all alone . . . or you could just click through this slideshow to see some of my geeky faves.


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