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Twitter Has a List of 370 Unusable Passwords, German Hacker Publishes Code That Encrypts Cell Phone Calls

Do You Worry About Digital Security?

There are some things I purposely try not to worry about because it'll drive me crazy — online security is one of them. I certainly don't take it for granted, and I try hard to create strong passwords, especially for sites containing personal or important information. I was happy to learn that after Twitter's recent hacking incident, they've put systems in place to try and keep data as secure as possible. Turns out they have a list of 370 passwords that won't work on the site. Most of them are the obvious no-nos, like "password" and "Twitter," but the list also includes popular first names and well-known number combinations like "8675309."

But then, every time I read a news story like this one, which details how a German computer engineer discovered and published a code used to encrypt mobile phone calls, I get a little worried. I like to streamline my life by storing information and using services online as much as I can, but knowing there's a world full of hackers trying to break codes and steal information always makes me uneasy.

Do you worry about online security as much as I do? It's slightly reassuring to know there is a whole new generation of online security talent being discovered, but I know that also means there are more "bad guys" out to steal information, too.

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