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The 13 People You Hate on Facebook

Dec 28 2014 - 4:40pm

Friends — we love 'em, but sometimes they drive us totally crazy, especially when it comes to Facebook. While we'd like to think we're not high maintenance, we admit that we have some serious social media pet peeves [1] that can make scrolling through our news feed feel like a form of torture. From the self-indulgent to the just plain obnoxious, these 13 types of people have us wanting to press unfollow once and for all.

Source: Shutterstock [2]

The Quiz Master

We now know that their spirit animal is a beaver and that if they were a fruit, it would be watermelon.

Source: NBC [3]

The Long-Form Status Writer

Except, why do we always end up reading these?

Source: MTV [4]

The Political Antagonizer

Do. Not. Engage.

Source: Fox [5]

The Random Acquaintance

We met once somewhere, possibly?

Source: Warner Brothers [6]

The Helicopter Mom

We all love you mom, but posting "you look so beautiful!" on all of our Facebook photos . . . not so much.

Source: Paramount [7]

The Over-Sharer

They subject us to every detail of their last breakup because "it's complicated."

Source: Netflix [8]

The Creep

If "Sup, hottie?" is a phrase one uses, there are going to be problems.

Source: Netflix [9]

The Hashtagger

Is that even necessary?

Source: NBC [10]

The Relationship Flaunter

There is such a thing as too much togetherness.

Source: New Line Cinema [11]

The Ugly Photo Resurrector

Where did they even find that? And why are we tagged in it?!

Source: NBC [12]

The Philosopher

Hmm . . . still not sure what it all means.

Source: Disney [13]

The Promoter

No, we don't want to go to an "awesome" party with an "up-and-coming" DJ, thanks.

Source: NBC [14]

The Selfie Lover

Enough already.

Source: ABC [15]

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