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Tyra Banks Says She's Such a Geek

Tyra Banks Says She's Such a Geek

On a recent episode of The Tyra Banks Show, Tyra celebrates what she calls "New School Geeks" by talking to three men who are re-defining the geek stereotype by being hip and sexy. She discusses how Hollywood is making it cool to be a geek and examines the new geek look that's becoming quite fashionable—let's hope it doesn't include the glasses below! Tyra even takes a geek quiz which includes questions ranging from how often you check your email to whether or not you watch Heroes, Babylon 5, Buffy re-runs, or bonus features on a DVD. Click here to take the "How Big Of A Geek Are You?" quiz, even though I think "geek status" is to each his own.
To check out Tyra's geek quiz answers, just read more


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