USB Record Player Turns Vinyl Into MP3s

Retro Cool Meets High Tech: USB Portable Turntable

Vinyl is making a comeback! Many artists are now releasing albums on vinyl as well as digitally.

There's something about the sound of a vinyl record that makes any song — even a new release — sound totally old-school. I've mentioned my love for retro-style record players before, but this Ion USB Portable Turntable ($140) from Urban Outfitters is the perfect mix of retro and tech. It hooks up to your computer via USB, which means you can turn your favorite vinyl tracks into MP3s. Also, it's totally portable, and runs on batteries or connected to a wall outlet.

I want to use this to import my parents' record collection into my computer — the turntable supports both regular-sized records and 45s. Plus, since it's portable, it's perfect for parties.