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Geeky Easter Eggs You Won't Want to Hide Anywhere

Apr 19 2014 - 7:07am

With Easter this weekend, you're likely scrambling alongside us to decorate a Spring basket full of clever egg designs beyond the typical dip-dye methods. For the cleverest egg-hunt creations, browse through our finds of geeky inspiration hatched online.


Collect all the Pokémon eggs by painting your own Spring basket full of them.

Source: Instagram user javiisuavii [1]

LED Easter Eggs

Create an Easter basket of the future with LED Easter eggs [2].

Source: Instructables [3]


The team at Sherlockology [4] created The Reichensplat Fall [5] with the eggy versions of Sherlock and Watson to inspire fans for Easter.

Source: Twitter user Sherlockology [6]

Pixar's Favorite

Get creative, and draw your favorite Pixar character on a hard-boiled egg.

Source: Instagram user tiffanyjahangiri [7]


Too busy to decorate? Outsource the egg crafts to the Egg-Bot [8] ($195) robot, which will create hypnotizing patterns in your choice of Sharpie hues.

Fearsome Dalek Egg

This Dalek egg was no simple task, but Flickr user PugnoM detailed every step, so you can re-create the terrifying Doctor Who foe.

Source: Flickr user PugnoM [9]

Super Mario Bros.

A little paint goes a long way to make an Easter basket a level right out of Super Mario Bros. [10]

Source: Instructables [11]

Dragon Eggs

Since Game of Thrones season four is coming up, crafting some dragon eggs [12] couldn't be more appropriate. Head over to JacquieLongLegs for the tutorial to create eggs worthy of Daenerys Targaryen.

Source: JaquieLongLegs [13]

Darth Easter

Show your love for the rotten eggs with an Easter likeness of a favorite villain.

Source: Flickr user JD Hancock [14]

Golden Snitch

Harry Potter fans can finally capture the golden Snitch during this year's egg hunt by painting one special egg sparkly gold.

Source: Flickr user Mykl Roventine [15]

Where's Eggwaldo?

He may blend into a crowd during his infamous travels, but on Easter, a Waldo egg stands out.

Photo: Instagram user inkedcharlie [16]

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