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8 Rare Gadgets Everyone and Their Mother Should Know About

Sep 4 2014 - 4:00am

Every once in a while, you come across a Bic phone, a crazy plug, or some other rad find that makes you wonder, "Why the heck haven't I seen this before?" Get ready to ask yourself that a bunch of times, because we searched the web for rare gadgets that deserve to be seen by you and everyone else on the planet. Enjoy!

This N64 USB controller [1] ($25) that lets you play Zelda and Super Mario the only legitimate way possible.

Genius alert! MagCozy [2] ($10) is a "leash" that fits both original T-style and revised L-style Apple power adapters so you and your roommates can use the same charger whether you have a MacBook Pro or Air.

Photo: Annie Gabillet

Bic phones [3] made by the same company that sells pens and razors.

Source: Reddit user SonicArtifact via Imgur [4]

"Good guy" plugs that are considerate of all the other plugs around them [5].

Source: Reddit user Marijuana_420 via Imgur [6]

This Tetris alarm clock [7], because there's no better way to wake up.

Source: Firebox [8]

This plug (that apparently exists in other countries) with a circle cutout so you can pull it out easily. Genius!

Source: Reddit user sawbutter [9]

This smart USB socket wall plug [10], because life's too short to have to deal with a charger head.

Source: Think Geek [11]

This Apple Newton message pad [12] from way back in 1993 that was touchscreen and came with a pen stylus. #onestepahead

Source: Old Computers [13]

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