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20 Pillows to Geek Out Your Space

Jul 26 2012 - 1:19pm

Throw pillows are the perfect way to add a nerdy touch to your home — without making a major design commitment. Whether you can't get enough of your smartphone or love a long night of board games, we've found plenty of fun, playful picks from Etsy. Planning to spruce up your space with a bit of quirky flair? Here are 20 unique pillows to kick-start your creativity.

Nerd Pocket Pillow

This Nerd Pocket Pillow [1] ($40) has all the geeky necessities: taped thick-rimmed glasses, a pencil, a pen, and a calculator set to pi.

Messages Icon Pillow

The Messages Icon Pillow [2] ($25) is necessary for any texting addict.

Nap Scrabble Letter Pillow Covers

Inspired by the board game, these Nap Scrabble Letter Pillow Covers [3] ($54) give you the perfect excuse to rest.

Caffeine Molecular Structure Pillow

Can't get through the day without a cup of joe? The Caffeine Molecular Structure Pillow [4] ($32) is made for coffee-loving nerds.

Android Pillow

If you're obsessed with everything Google, represent with the Android Pillow [5] ($28).

That Is So Dial Up Pillow Cover

Wait, there was life before WiFi? Give your space a playful touch with the cheeky That Is So Dial Up Pillow Cover [6] ($53).

Sherlock Holmes Cushion Cover

Give a nod to your secret detective aspirations with the Victorian-style Sherlock Holmes Cushion Cover [7] ($70).

Game On Pillow Cover

Deck out your gaming corner with the Xbox-inspired Game On Pillow Cover [8] ($12).

Twitter Cushion Cover

The Twitter Cushion Cover [9] ($20) is a fun option for tweeting techies.

Ctrl Alt Del Throw Pillow Covers

Channel your inner computer nerd with the Ctrl Alt Del Throw Pillow Covers [10] ($59).

Einstein Cushion Cover

Pay homage to the ultimate geek hero with the Einstein Cushion Cover [11] ($39).

Instagram Pillow

Filter fans, the Instagram Pillow [12] ($22) was made just for you.

Sonic Pillow Cover

Bring a little '90s nostalgia to your gaming nook with the old-school Sonic the Hedgehog Pillow Cover [13] ($20).

Geek Glasses Pillow

Keep it simple with the classic Geek Glasses Pillow [14] ($35).

Gmail Pillow

If you're glued to your inbox, you're sure to appreciate the Gmail Pillow [15] ($24).

Geek Chic Pillow Cover

Embrace fashionable geekdom with this Geek Chic Pillow Cover [16] ($44).

Quotation Marks Pillow Cover

The Quotation Marks Pillow Cover [17] ($20) is perfect for literary nerds — or a chatterbox.

Boy Wizard Pillow

Harry Potter fans can show their love for the series with this Boy Wizard Pillow [18] ($45).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pillow

Add some "cowabunga" to your room with this retro Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pillow [19] ($12).

Apple Cushion Cover

If you're all about the Macs, go for this sleek and simple Apple Cushion Cover [20] ($20).

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