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Cover to Cover: The Geekiest Ends For a Book Nook

Sep 4 2013 - 4:23am

From essential sci-fi reads [1] to fantasy series [2] a bookshelf can't do without, we take serious pride in crafting a complete — and completely geeky — home library. Once the Ender's Game, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography [3] are in place, add a thematic decorative touch with these bookends. From gilded dinosaurs (to really class up the Tolkien) to steampunk-inspired gear pieces, bookmark these choices to complete your reading nook.

What would our lives be without a well-placed emoticon and text speak? Recipients wouldn't know we were just kidding or really, truly laughing out loud. Honor mobile parlance with the emoticon bookends [4] ($52), hand-printed on fabric and filled with beans to keep novels in place.

For the fan who has every book investigating the set design, special effects, and nuances of the Wookiee language, may we present Star Wars bookends [5] ($115), one of only 1,000 made.

Cut from steel and finished in jet black, the Nerd Bookends [6] ($63) share what we already know to be true bookworms (book nerds) rule!

Crafted of motorcycle transmission gears, this four gear bookend [7] ($85) comes by itself rather than in a set, an option for the eternal tinkerer who wants a bookshelf with a statement.

Because our hearts beat for a good read (and any nod to vintage tech!), we'll take these pixel bookends [8] ($65), please.

I've given up the hope that I'll just happen upon some dinosaur remains while hiking, so the next best thing to stumbling upon evidence of the creatures that walked Earth millions of years ago — Golden Brontosaurus Dinosaur bookends [9] ($20). Each figurine is packed separately from the wooden bookend so you can arrange the dino any which way you choose.

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