VAIO Graphic Splash Maya Hayuk Edition Notebooks

HP and MTV may be hosting a PC design competition for the public, but Sony has unveiled VAIO Graphic Splash Maya Hayuk Edition notebooks featuring designs from New York-based, emerging artist, Maya Hayuk. The limited edition PCs are available in two designs entitled "Grow" and "Never Stop," and are surprisingly pretty and youthful.

Hayuk conceptualized and painted the designs especially for the campaign. The “Grow” edition (seen at right) captures the feel of an organic forest with deep green, blue and purple flowers-growing wildly across the top of the notebook while “Never Stop” is a colorful, kaleidoscopic design that is decked in interlacing lines and spherical shapes.

The special models also include wallpaper that matches each design, a limited edition engraving and a pre-installed video of Maya discussing her inspiration behind the designs. The VAIO Graphic Splash Maya Hayuk Edition notebooks go for about $2,500 and will be available at Sony Style this month. To check out the "Never Stop" edition, read more


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