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14 Perfectly Sarcastic Expressions of Valentine's Day Torture

Feb 5 2016 - 1:45pm

Single? Taken? Either way, there's a Valentine's Day meme for you; just ask Ryan Gosling [1] or the Forever Alone rock. Here, we've gathered 14 images that make the holiday all that more memorable — and laughable.

Source: Meme Faces [2]

Leave it to a Star Wars pun to give voice to single people everywhere.

Source: Kulfoto [3]

Even members of the wild aren't immune to scolding if they forget the date.

Source: Cheezburger [4]

Willy Wonka may have all the candy, but he also holds the truth jar.

Source: DIY LOL [5]

Puns, and pugs, are always welcome on the big day.

Source: Cheezburger [6]

Nicolas Cage [7] doesn't just steal the Declaration of Independence — he also steals hearts.

Source: Cheezburger [8]

What would a meme roundup be without a Ryan Gosling [9]'s "Hey girl?"

Source: Rookie [10]

The wisdom of Oprah pretty much sums up what Feb. 14 was like in elementary school.

Source: WeKnowMemes [11]

If the most interesting man in the world says it, it must be true.

Source: Meme Faces [12]

OK, so the holiday isn't for everyone — or every cat.

Source: Cheezburger [13]

The Brace Yourselves meme gets a Valentine's Day edition, and it's not pretty.

Source: Cheezburger [14]

Of course, the Forever Alone rock gives an appropriate Valentine's Day contribution.

Source: Cheezburger [15]

No one can resist cuddling cats!

Source: Cheezburger [16]

Apparently chocolates aren't for everyone, and this cat takes that to a literal level.

Source: Cheezburger [17]

Forget Mordor — this Lord of the Rings lesson is brutally honest.

Source: Quickmeme [18]

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