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Valentine's Day Spam Emails Have Started Rolling In

Valentine's Day Spam Emails Have Started Rolling In

Just when I thought my tough and mighty Google gods would keep my Gmail account free from love struck spammers luring unsuspecting email users to visit malicious websites — what do I get in my email? Emails similar to the"ILOVEYOU" worm email, that infected ten percent of all computers connected to the Internet and caused around $5.5 billion in damages!

Ok, I'll fess up, the emails did arrive in my spam folder, fortunately, which was a giant red flag to begin with. But not all spam filters are this good, so be careful of what sneaks into your inbox and NEVER open anything that looks strange, let alone download attachments, etc. . . even if it says "I love you." Also, make sure your anti-virus software is up-to-date and mark any suspicious emails as "spam" so that they go straight to your junk box next time. Valentine's Day is when a majority of these threatening emails get sent so please be cautious before opening anything that tells your gut something isn't adding up!

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