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Verizon Wireless Juke by Samsung

I recently got my hands on Samsung's latest addition— the oh-so-teeny Samsung Juke phone. As you can tell by the pictures, it is literally the size of a small chocolate bar and swivels open to be a long sleek Zoolander- type phone. This modern media player cell comes fully equipped with an iPod type scroll wheel for effortless navigation and a pretty chic exterior screen which reminds me of the Porsche phone.
The most nifty features would have to be the VZ navigator which offers location based services and audible turn-by-turn directions so you'll never get lost again. And for those of you who like a few party pics in the evening, the built-in camera boasts night-shot, which makes the most out of pictures in low light. With 2GB of storage, the Juke can hold lots of tunes and will sync your music via your PC's USB port as well—unfortunately no iTunes songs allowed. And because it has bluetooth wireless technology, you can also purchase a stereo headset to listen to music without wires. Available in black, turquoise and red. Priced at $150 with a two year contract. Not too shabby considering you'll be channeling Derek Zoolander in more ways than one!

Samsung Juke 4

Samsung Juke 5

Samsung Juke 3

Samsung Juke 2

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