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Vintage Geek: Huge Personal TVs

Today we are utterly spoiled with our video iPods and portable MP3 and video players - always looking for something smaller with a better picture and better sound - but there was a time when having a "personal TV" meant lugging around a hefty machine. The PanaPana, a colorful and curvy personal TV, which made it big in 1972, was perhaps, the video iPod or Zen player of yesteryear.

While the PanaPana was about 50 times the size of the original iPod - which was no Tiny Tim itself - it was quite innovative in its day. For more PanaPana photos, just read more

The popularity of "handheld TVs" didn't make it big until the late 1970s and early 1980s, when the first pocket-sized TV, called the MTV-1, was released. Of course, Sony released the first Watchman in the 80s and soon every businessman and hipster needed their very own handheld TV. And to think, now we can watch TV shows on our teeny tiny cell phones. We've come a long way baby.




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