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Vintage Geek: Radio-Cassette Corders

The other night I met up with some of my childhood friends at a cute club in the Mission in San Francisco. As we watched the slightly-less exciting third act (our friend spinned with the second act so we might have been a little biased) our conversation turned to the hilarious mix tapes we used to make one another when we were kids. While we didn't use anything like the AIWA Radio-Cassette Corder, which was made in 1976, we were definitely rocking similar technology - recording from CDs and other cassette tapes onto a cassette tape and sometimes, if we were feeling especially into it, recording personal jokes between songs. Yeah, we are that geeky. Oh wait, I mean, we were that geeky.

A favorite in the late 60s, 70s and into the 80s, radio-cassette combos were incredibly innovative in their time and despite the rapid decline (and some might say death) in the production of cassette decks, there are still some audiophiles that believe that cassette deck technology provides sound recordings superior to current digital technology, such as CDR and DAT. For more vintage photos, just read more








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