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These Awkward Vintage Tech Ads Are Too Good

Feb 26 2015 - 3:08pm

Sometimes you've gotta see things to believe them, and that's definitely the case with these hilarious throwback tech ads. Think: naked guy selling an Apple computer and the Bee Gees popping out of a cassette tape — yeah, they're that good. Some will make you laugh, others will make you scratch your head, and they're all in good fun. Ahead, see what life was like way back then, when phrases like "electronic mail" were still a mystery.

Cassette by Ampex

Is that the Bee Gees popping out of a cassette? Yes, yes it is.

Microcomputer by Technico

Doesn't that computer just make you want to take your clothes off?

Electronic Mail by Honeywell

Gah, not electronic mail again!

Computer by DataComp

Is this ad for real? You bet your sweet telex operator it is!

Computer by Apple

This ad goes way back.

Floppy Disks by Opus

Free unfloppably floppy. Free unfloppably floppy. Try saying that three times fast.

Personal Computer by Osborne

It's got the magic glow.

Princess Phone by Bell

The princess phone that came out in 1959: awesome or lame? We'll let you decide.

Radio Phonograph by Admiral

Looks like some deep thinking went into that prediction.

Modem by Penril

Why "maybe"? That is one sexy modem, if you ask us.

Video Games by Atari

Alternative wording: "Just try to top Atari — we dare you."

Mouse by Logitech

Raise your hand if you remember a three-click mouse. Anyone?

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