Yes, that was supposed to be a Dirty Dancing reference. Albeit diluted, but still. We previously reported the new version of the Microsoft Zune, will be released May 1st for $250, but Gizmodo reports it's shipping now.

Nope, you can order one of the girly-pink players at Amazon right now, but there are only 100,000 of them, so you'd better get 'em while the getting's good. Of course, not all 100,000 of them will be sold by Amazon, but the company's site says they're in stock now and selling for the usual $249.99 price.

This model is said to be lighter than the limited edition hot pink Zune. Basically it has all the same features as the limited edition version, including the super-sized 30GB capacity. I'm not a Zune user, but but the watermelon color (see images below) is just delicious!