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Wave Chaise - Teenage Geek Chic?

Brazilian designer Roberta Ramme created the Wave Chaise, which is being marketed as a way to keep teenagers in their room. Considering all of its functions, there's no denying it will meet its goals. Still at the conceptual stage, the over sized chaise comes with a built-in TV, DVD player, audio system, computer desk and storage for CDs and DVDs. Essentially, it's a media cabinet you can sit in.

I'm a firm believer that teenagers - particularly gadget-loving teenagers - spend too much time indoors anyway, so this design, while resourceful and techie-inspired, wouldn't be something I'd give to my teenager. I would however, be up to a veg-out session in it. Movies, books and DVDs oh my! For the designer's take and additional photos, read more

Says Ramme:

Imagine a furniture to wear... then dress it with an innovator design, intense colors, ergonomics and technology appeal. Like in fashion, the point is to unify beauty, comfort, and functionality. Whether your desire is to watch TV or DVD, listen to your favorite CD, read, talk on the phone, or even study, take a nap or browse the internet, you got it close, in a multifunctional chaise-lounge. This concept is inspired by the values and personality of a today's teenager and the standards generated by a global hi-tech culture of facilities, where the access to technology is cheap and easy.





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