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May the 4th Be With You: Happy Star Wars Day!

May 4 2011 - 2:24pm

May 4 is unofficially Star Wars Day [1], and although you don't need a holiday to honor the science-fiction franchise, it's fun to look back and appreciate where your geeky path began. Check out a few ways you can celebrate the occasion in this slideshow.

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Deck Out Your DS

I found this Star Wars DS Stylus pack [3] at a past E3, but I'm still crushing on it today.

Be a Fanboy

One of my 30 must-see geeky movies, Fanboys [4] is the perfect blend of comedy and geekiness. Pop it in your DVD player tonight, or stream it on Netflix!

Turn Your iPhone to the Dark Side

Protect your iPhone with the lord of the dark side, Darth Vader [5].

JibJab Yourself

If you long to be a part of the Star Wars franchise but can't, will you settle for putting your face in a funny JibJab animation [6]?

An Ode to Star Wars

Order up a few of these vintage plates [7] that can act as the touchstone for your Star Wars shrine.

Put Yourself in a Puzzle

Forever surround yourself with the cast and characters of Star Wars by adding your pic into a Star Wars puzzle [8].

Fight the Force With Adidas

No matter which side you're on, these limited edition Star Wars shoes [9] are the perfect addition to your collection.

Let Vader Tell You Where to Go

TomTom is all about adding celebrity voices [10] to its navigation devices, including a Darth Vader voice download [11].

Set Your Clock to Darth Vader Time

This Darth Vader alarm clock [12] was a big hit with you. Mine's already on its way!

Put Yoda in Your Pocket

Need some inspiration during your dull day? Then snatch up this pocket-sized keychain [13] that lets you listen to the wise words of Yoda all day long.

Bake Some Cupcakes

Williams-Sonoma has the line on Star Wars kitchen tools, and this cupcake decorating kit [14] ($12) is, shall we say, the icing on the cake.

Rock Out With Star Wars Headphones

The official Star Wars headphones [15], coming in six different designs, will fit any geek's personality year-round. Ranging in price from $40 to $50 (for the amazing R2-D2 set), these babies can control your music volume with the external switch (works with iPhone, HTC, Blackberry, and Samsung devices), can fold up nicely for space travel.

Geeky Posters For All

Adorn your wall not only with the Millennium Falcon, a storm trooper, or Darth Vader, but movie quotes from the famous franchise with one of these awesomely geeky posters [16] ($17-$25) from 37 Posters.

Get Ready For Summer in Robot Style

The R2D2 bathing suit retails for $85 and features all of the detailing of your favorite droid. Summer beach dwelling geeks will surely be bowled-over with jealousy.

Learn Some Lessons

Even if you aren't battling an evil space empire, you can still learn a few from the wise teachings of Yoda [17].

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