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Web 2.Oh Yeeeah! Love It or Leave It?

I guess loving this Web 2.Oh Yeeeah! T-shirt depends on how you feel about Web 2.0. Do you really, really love Web 2.0? What would you do for it? Would you bust through a brick wall?

Do you even remember the Kool-Aid commercials? Do people even drink Kool-Aid anymore (ew)?

So many questions. So one last one for you:

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beingtazim beingtazim 8 years
i was never a kool-aid fan, but the concept of this shirt is pretty cool.
terryt18 terryt18 8 years
YES! When I was younger I collected Kool-Aid points and I got a couple of things but the prize I remember most was a Kool-Aid watch, red, cheap, flimsy, but I loved it. I would wear it-- it was summer of course-- so I would sweat under the plastic band and it would get dirty and the dirt would fill up the little indentations of the words inscribed on the back. At night, I would take it off and use a toothpick to remove those letters as perfectly as I could, as if to preserve them. Once I dug all the dirt-letters out I rinsed them all down the sink with soap and hot water as I washed that bright red Kool-Aid watch, cleaning it for the next day's wear. The Kool-Aid man on the face beneath the plastic cover looked on approvingly. That watch didn't last long, maybe a few weeks or a month, but to a ten-year-old kid during the summer that's a long time. It was worth every Kool-Aid point.
CrazySexyCool CrazySexyCool 8 years
I wouldn't get too comfy with this whole internet thing. Its a total fad. So I'll pass on the shirt thanks.
EvilDorkGirl EvilDorkGirl 8 years
Dude. HILARIOUS. I still drink Kool Aid. I get those little packs that you mix in water bottles, and sometimes I make a batch of super-sweet Orange. I used to even have Kool-Aid cups & pitcher set that we got with all the damn Kool-Aid points we racked up. Oooh YEAH!!!!
terryt18 terryt18 8 years
Flavor Aid is the generic rip-off of Kool Aid you get at SavALot and elsewhere. Yeah, I totally remember Flavor Aid too.
tlight tlight 8 years
Fabulous!! I might have to get one and wear it to work. ;)
Schaianne Schaianne 8 years
I still drink Kool-Aid ... but I only but 1/4cup of sugar in it, haha. Everyone else hates it in my household because it doesn't have enough sugar in it, haha. ;) But no, I do not like the shirt, haha.
Performita Performita 8 years
I only remember Flavor Aid, guess it's not the same thing? But its similar. I don't like the shirt thing, sorry....
bluesarahlou bluesarahlou 8 years
My mom told me I was allergic to Kool-Aid when I was little. I think she just didn't want me doped up on sugar...:rotfl:
velvetavalon velvetavalon 8 years
my boyfriend is buying it as i type this comment. he ROFL'ed.
terryt18 terryt18 8 years
I totally remember the commercials but now when I think of it I am reminded of Family Guy also. And yeah, folks still drink KoolAid. I love kcwebgirl's comment about KoolAid and black family functions. And you know they make that junk soooo sweeeet!!!
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 8 years
you can't have a black family function without koolaid. so yes, we drink it all the time! i'd wear the shirt only because people so wouldn't get it!
zombielove zombielove 8 years
of course ppl still drink kool aid ^-^ nest invention ever.
neko neko 8 years
Ehh, I think it's kind of tacky. I dislike the term "web 2.0" in general though, it seems to go hand in hand with other buzzwords/terms like "personal brand" or "social media expert".
burningphoenix burningphoenix 8 years
I don't prefer the shirt, but when I think of Kool-aid all I can think of is Family Guy when it busts through the courtroom.
Jennipoo Jennipoo 8 years
i think it's___something my boyfriend would wear to work and all his nerdy computer friends would high five him. he's still my lobster, though.
SillyGirl SillyGirl 8 years
I hate the term, love the concept!
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