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Website of the Day: Memorari

Website of the Day: Memorari

The virtual equivalent of tying a string around your finger, Memorari sends a digital reminder of whatever it is you don't want to forget. You can choose your preferred method of receiving a reminder: text, email, Gchat, AIM, and a few more. Just answer three questions: "When?," "Who?," and "What?" Then Memorari sends your reminder message at the time you select via your preferred delivery method.

I like that you're able to type anything in the text field, so your message can be as specific, cryptic, or silly as you want. And, according to the site's FAQ page, any data is erased after it's sent to you as a reminder, so you don't have to worry that your reminders are being stored somewhere. You can set reminders far into the future, too. Right now the calendar reaches 2011. I've already programmed reminders for all of my friends' birthdays and the day my credit card bill is due — no more excuses for forgetfulness!

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