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The Ultimate Wedding Day Photo Checklist

Jun 29 2016 - 7:30am

You spend months planning your wedding [1], and then just like that, it's passed you by in a flash. Thankfully, great photos can capture every aspect of the big day — even the tiny details you may have forgotten to notice. Without a doubt, there are certain shots no wedding [2] should go without (like a bridesmaid powwow before sending the bride off). Here, we've broken down those must-snap moments [3] so that even years from now, you can take a look at the pictures and feel like it happened just yesterday.

Hanging Dress

Whether it's hanging in front of a window or from a bedpost, the dress deserves to be captured in its full glory.

Bridesmaids Getting Ready

A good photographer knows that plenty of special moments arise when bridesmaids get ready together.

Maid of Honor Zipping Up the Bride

It's one of the last finishing touches before the bride says "I do" and an important duty of being her right-hand gal.

Groomsmen Hanging Out

They may not take as long to get ready as the ladies, so some of the best guy shots can come when they're just hanging out together.

The Portrait

Hair done? Check. Makeup done? Double check. That means it's time for the up-close portrait of the beautiful bride.

The First Look

First there's the anxiety and excitement, then all the joy that just pours from their faces — capturing the first look is a beautiful thing!

Vow Backdrop

Backdrops are beautiful in their own right, and there's something wonderful about snapping the setting before it fills up with guests.

The Little Ones

Who can resist taking photos of the oh-so-cute flower girls and ring bearers?

Walk Down the Aisle

It's the moment that kicks it all off and one that you'll want to revisit over and over again.

Groom Watching the Bride Walk Down the Aisle

Some of the most heartwarming photos from a wedding [7] often come from a smiling, sometimes teary-eyed groom as he watches the bride walk toward him.

The Vows

Of course you wish you could freeze your vow exchange forever in time. But the next best thing? A lovely photo to remember it by.

Wedding Rings

What wedding [8] photo roundup would be complete without a picture of the marriage symbol?

Bride's Bouquet

You can't save a beautiful bouquet forever, which is where great photos come in.

Venue Landscape

Some wedding [9] locations are so pretty, pictures of them look like a postcards.

The Entire Wedding Party

One of the top wedding-shot must haves? Getting everyone from the wedding [10] party together in one picture.

Playful Pet

If Fido or Whiskers is a big part of your duo, then you'll be all the happier for having him in your wedding [11] shots.

Environmental Shot

Chances are you chose your wedding [12] location for its great scenery or backdrop, so don't forget a shot of you two surrounded by all its beauty.

Family Portrait

A family photo will be something you treasure forever.

Floral Arrangements

You can never have too many photos of flowers, especially when they add such gorgeous dimension to your big day.

Escort Cards

Escort cards can be quite creative, and they're a fun detail to round out all the other wedding [13] shots.

Paper Goods

With their fun fonts and colors, paper signs are a charming touch deserving of some photo attention.

Candid Kiss

In the midst of all the action, a kissing couple is a sweet sight to see.

Table Setting

You poured hours into choosing napkin shades and glass styles — why not remember the beautiful creation?

Decor Details

Sometimes it takes a little zooming in to catch all the stunning details of your big-day setup.


Laughs, tears, and everything in between — speeches and toasts by loved ones promise all kinds of photo gems.

Dessert Table

Dessert tables are nothing but fun to photograph, whether you have one cake or a bunch of smaller sweets.


Whether it's the band that jammed all night long or the painter who worked his magic, remember the talented folks who upped your wedding [14] with a snap or two.

Father-Daughter Dance

Or the mother-son dance. Both are incredibly special moments you'll never want to forget.

First Dance

Slow song, dance jam — it doesn't matter. The first dance is definitely something that should make it into your wedding [15] album.

Dance Floor Groovin'

Who doesn't love good photos of shenanigans on the dance floor?

Reception Rituals

Just think of all the fun photo ops that will come out of the garter and bouquet tosses.

The "Just Married" Ride

Letting the world know you just got hitched as you drive around town — it's a classic snap that just can't be missed.

The Send-Off

Wedding [16] send-offs are so fun and picture perfect.

The Ultimate Wedding Day Photo Checklist

Print this checklist (click here for downloadable version [17]) when planning the big day with your photographer and videographer.

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