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This Week On Geeksugar - Chic Cell Phone Bling

  • Icing out your cell phone with personalized charms and gems has long been an artistic and fashionable outlet in Europe and Asia, but has only recently begun to sneak into American culture. Right now my charm affections lie with C'Elegance. C'Elegance = Chic Cell Phone Bling Bling
  • PC World polled its readers and put together a list of most intriguing free offerings available online. From downloads to upgrades and free software, the 101 Fantastic Freebies list has a little of everything. PC World Shares 101 Fantastic Freebies
  • Want to add that spring time flare to your iPod case? Look no further than this Hut Up iPod Case that looks an awful lot like a bunny. This one happens to be $47 and is actually a sleeve, not a fully-fledged case, which means it would be pretty easy to replicate. Buy Or Make A Bunny-Inspired iPod Case

  • The Blackberry Video Converter is a free utility that encodes video so you can play it on your RIM BlackBerry, meaning you can take your favorite Sugar videos with you everywhere you go. I love it because I can put FitSugar's workout videos on my phone and take it to the gym with me. Download of the Day: BlackBerry Video Converter
  • Japanese professors have developed a system whereby PC users can input text simply by looking at an on-screen keyboard, according to a recent report from Trends in Japan. Trend: Computer Controlled By User's Eyes?
  • When it comes to luxury and designer cell phones I'll freely admit I'm a bit of a tease. It's always look, but don't touch. Well, sadly my friends, such is the case with the ISSE Monaco Phones from Nokia 8800, which is set to be released in gold, platinum and diamonds in Russia. G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S Cell Phones - Diamonds And All

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