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This Week On Geeksugar - Shakira's Headphones

This Week On Geeksugar - Shakira's Headphones

  • When I first took the Atrio Series earphones from Future Sonics for a test drive I was extra skeptical about their soft, moveable body, but after hearing Shakira and a whole list of famous composers claim to be big fans, decided to put them to the test. Shakira Loves Her Atrio Earphones
  • I'm usually opposed to dividing the sexes when it comes to gadget talk, but while wandering the line at last week's iPhone launch I couldn't help but notice the crowd was lacking a strong feminine presence. Who Cares More About The iPhone: Men or Women?
  • The lines, media frenzy and general geekiness surrounding last Friday's iPhone launch were nothing less of awe-inspiring. I can honestly say I have never seen 1,000 people ogling a single gadget with such curiosity, adoration and desire. Macgirl Explores Her New iPhone

  • I love geek art. From circuit boards turned into wall hangings, necklaces and earrings to retro geek prints, robot statues and anything that was inspired by cerebral, borderline nerd sensibilities. Totally Geeky or Geek Chic? Bar Code Chandelier
  • Google has just announced some new additions to Picasa web albums, which will give us more freedom to play around with our pictures. Geek Tip: Picasa Rolls Out New Features
  • We've been taunting you with iPhone speculation, news, hype and reviews since January so we figured it was only fair for us to offer you readers a chance to win your own 8GB Apple iPhone. Win An Apple iPhone!
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