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What Do You Think of the Word "Blog"?

What Do You Think of the Word "Blog"?

I found myself watching TiVoed episodes of Miss Guided this weekend and got a kick out of a scene where a student's gossip blog creates drama on campus. Namely, the main character, Becky, learns she's at the bottom of the "do-able" teachers' list and complains about the site to the principal, calling it a "blurgh." The principal, who is played by the dorky SNL alum, Chris Parnell, says "it's a blog, Becky, not a 'blurgh.'" It was a hilarious scene, but I couldn't help but wince. Blog has become such a dirty word and a huge fragment on the population doesn't understand what it means. I love blogs more than anyone, but I can't say I love the word.

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