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What to Expect With Firefox 3.1

On Tuesday, Firefox will be releasing its 3.0 "browser that has it all" which is said to include one-click bookmarking, the smart location bar and fast performance. The only major thumbs down rumblings I've heard is that it won't support Google Browser Sync like previous versions of Firefox. If you are a regular user of Browser Sync, there are said to be other sync products that work just as well.

And as for Firefox 3.1 alpha, yes it's almost finished and is set to be available mid-July, there are even more fun features to look forward to. For instance, your download history will be added to places, there will be support for bulk bookmark tagging and tag auto completion and - the lifesaving feature I'm most excited about - a new visual tab switching and tab searching/filtering feature (displayed in the image above).

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