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What's the Most Expensive Gadget You Own?

What's the Most Expensive Gadget You Own?

I had to think a little bit about what the most expensive piece of technology I owned was. Not because I spend money like it's goin' out of style, but because I have made so many gadget investments in the last few years that I had to figure out which topped the list.

So far, I think it's my MacBook Pro, although my HDTV comes in very close. Following that is my Canon DSLR, and right on its heels is my Playstation 3 (and I don't even want to ask my boyfriend how much his high-def video camera was). I'm trying to slow it down, considering this economic crisis that's hitting everything, but all I can do is think about the HD TiVo XL that I don't yet have, sigh.

Financial dramas aside, share: What's the most expensive gadget you have?

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