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Sherlocking Is Like Planking, but Better — Submit Your Photos!

Oct 22 2013 - 6:43am

Sherlock [1] fandom is very clever — very clever indeed. The disciples of BBC One's hit show starring geek favorite Benedict Cumberbatch [2] have turned the leading character's signature stance into a meme.

Sherlocking is the act of pressing one's fingertips together and holding this prayer-like pose against the lips or beneath the chin, preferably while lying down and practicing the art of deducing, scheming, or both. It's like planking, without the ab workout, and it's going viral.

The phenomenon was born out of one fan's request to make Sherlocking happen, and the rest is history. Submit your epic #Sherlocking photos by tweeting us @POPSUGARTech [3] or using the hashtag #CoolCapture on Instagram. We may retweet or feature your pictures on our homepage!

Before trying Sherlocking on your own, click on to discover the origins of this Internet phenomenon and soak up inspiration from Sherlock aficionados like you from around the web.

— Additional reporting by Michele Bird

The One, The Only

The science of deduction is truly an art, and Sherlock has certainly mastered it. He is the original and true authority on Sherlocking, since (obviously) he created it.

Sherlocking for the first time? Use this GIF as your guide.

Source: BBC One [4] via Tumblr user shockinglysherlock [5]

A Call to Action

Five months ago marked the first appearance of Sherlocking on Instagram from users thehiddenpathsthatrun [6] and allonsyalways [7], who claims that the photo was spotted on Pinterest. User allonsyalways wrote, "Hey guys! Lets make "Sherlocking" a thing! It'll be like planking, but loads cooler! Repost! Spread the word!" The photo gained over 200 likes and was reposted on Instagram and Tumblr hundreds of times.

Click on for great examples of Sherlocking around the web!

Source: Instagram user allonsyalways [8]

Sherlocking . . . at the Beach

Source: Tumblr user curly-headedfreak [9]

Sherlocking . . . in a Ball Pit

Source: Instagram user fandoms_of_the_world_unite [10]

Sherlocking . . . in the Fetal Position, Beneath a Desk

Source: Tumblr user theviolinofgallifrey [11]

Sherlocking . . . While Waiting for the Bus

Source: Instagram user i_believe_in_johnlock_ [12]

Sherlocking . . . on Jungle Gyms

Source: Tumblr user 221bbaker--street [13]

Sherlocking . . . on Porches

Source: Instagram user a_skuttlebug_in_a_tardis [14]

Sherlocking . . . on Benches

Source: Instagram user ottersandhedgehogs [15]

Sherlocking . . . in Tropical Paradise

Source: Instagram user donnyjavid [16]

Sherlocking . . . in Threes

Source: Instagram user sssimasnake [17]

Sherlocking . . . in Trees and Parking Lots

Source: Instagram user pantry_queen [18]

Sherlocking . . . on the Court

Source: Instagram user zam510 [19]

Sherlocking . . . With Friends

Source: Instagram user sachlockk [20]

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