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31 Times You Should Never Use Your Phone — but You Do Anyway

Dec 14 2014 - 11:06am

Yes, smartphones can be the most annoying things ever [1]. But when it comes down to it, there's nothing getting in the way of your dependent relationship with one another, not even your relationships with real humans. Here, exhibits one through 31 as proof.

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When You Just Got a Mani

"I'll just use Siri."

On the Toilet

Gotta kill time somehow, right?

Source: TLC [3]

At the Gym

Instagram and the elliptical go hand-in-hand.

In the Presence of Other Humans

Why talk when you can text?

Source: Bravo [4]

When Mama Tells You Not To

"OK, ma!"

Source: TLC [5]

Whilst Walking

It's called multitasking.

During Sexy Time

Is nothing sacred anymore?

When You Crack Your Screen

There's a solution for everything.

Source: Youtube user gereral1 [6]


Sleep? What sleep?

Source: Youtube user HotVines [7]

With Little to No Battery

Until it hits five percent, it's all good.

Source: Reddit user ROUND_TWO [8]

At the Best Party of Your Life

"We have to Insta this."

When You're at Something Called "Your Job"

"What?! I'm just taking a break."


When you all have to put your phones in the middle of the table, it's the WORST.

When There's No WiFi

There's always Snake, right?

Source: E! [9]

At a Job Interview

"Sorry, can you repeat the question?"

When Your Friends Call You Out

"You don't know me."

At Your Best Friend's Wedding


After You Get Mad and Throw It

Oops, didn't mean that.

At Doctor's Appointments

"Can we hurry this up?"

On Blind Dates

Or dates in general.

At Work Meetings

"Just gonna pretend I'm taking notes."

When You Get Nasty Headaches

In sickness and in health.

Source: TLC [10]

On Vacation

"I relax with my phone, OK?"

Source: Bravo [11]

Anywhere Near or Around Fire

"If I could only grab one thing . . ."

When You Have to Use Siri

Siri might suck, but who cares?

When You're Modeling

In private or public.

Source: Complex TV [12]

At Therapy Sessions

"Like I was saying . . . "

During Important Convos

"I said, I'm listening."

During the Best Day of Your Life

"But first, let me take a selfie."

When You Gotta Pay High Carrier Fees

The things we put up with.

Source: Bravo [13]

When There's a Group Text Involved

Annoying, but worth it.

But Still, at the End of the Day . . .

Nothing will get in the way. Ever.

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