Where Can I Donate My Old iPod?

Ask a Geek Girl: What Do I Do With My Old iPod?

For this installment of Ask a Geek Girl, TeamSugar user amers230 asks what she should do with her old iPod, now that she's received the new iPod of her dreams:

As a special surprise for my birthday my parents bought me the new iPod I've wanted for forever. Now that I have my 80GB Classic, I have no use for my 3-year-old 20GB. Thing is, I'm not sure what to do with it now. I'm asking around to see if any friends or family want it, but no one really is interested. I could just sell it on eBay for five or ten bucks, but I was really wondering if anyone knows of some sort of donation center.

To see my answer, just read more.

I'm glad you're asking about recycling your iPod, since you'd be surprised how many people just toss them in the trash and end up polluting the earth. Thankfully, I have a couple donation options for you. First off, Apple offers a free recycling program throughout all of their retail stores in the US. Just drop off your old iPod to your nearest Apple Store, and in addition to saving Mother Earth, you'll get a cool 10 percent off of your next iPod purchase.

If you want to donate your old player to charity, I'd check out RecyclingForCharities. Not only can you donate your iPod, but you can also send in your old computers, cell phones, printers, digital cameras, and PDA's to a charity of your choice. Just print out your shipping label and fill out your tax forms (since donating your electronics is tax deductible), and off they go!

Has anyone else donated your old electronics? Tell us what service you used in the comments below!



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