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Which Luxury Gadget Would You Buy?

Aug 29 2007 - 7:00am

We drool, gawk and scoff at luxury gadgets [0] nearly every day, but what if we suddenly had a much, much larger bank account? Would we be more likely to throw down on gold and diamond encrusted gizmos? PC World has put together a collection of The World's Most Extravagant Technology Products [1], which they aptly note are all "absurdly expensive," but some are "practical, some are pretentious, and some are preposterous." My favorite items on the list are the Luvaglio Laptop [1], which is a $1,000,000 concept product; the $18,000 Vertu cell phone [1], which features an 18-karat yellow gold finish and black leather backing; the i.Beat organix FM [1], an MP3 player with an 8-karat gold casing, 63 1-carat diamonds and a $20,000 price tag; and lastly, the $25,000 Diamond Flower mouse [2], which is 8-karat white gold encrusted with 59 brilliant-cut diamonds. If money was no object, which of these items would you buy? (Options are clockwise from top left.)

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