White Noise and Sleep Aid Apps

Have You Ever Used a White Noise or Sleep Aid App?

Perfect timing: a New York Times reporter has found a new use for her iPhone that I hadn't thought of: a white noise machine/sleep aid. While I use mine regularly as an alarm clock, I never thought of it as something that could help me sleep. But after a few recent nights of trouble sleeping and after reading about her success, I'm ready to give one a try.

The author tried two different apps: White Noise, a free app that produces soothing white noise in the form of wind, rain, the ocean and more. You can set an alarm or a timer so the sound gently lulls you to sleep or wakes you without the harshness of a loud alarm.

Next, she tried Pzizz Sleep, a slight investment at $5 that uses unique voice tracks to help you relax and lull you to sleep.

Have you ever tried one of these sorts of apps? Any suggestions of which to try?