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Why Do Celebrities Love Ugly Cell Phone Clips?

Last week PopSugar reported that Courteney Cox hit up Il Sole with her daughter, little Coco. I couldn't help but notice the usually chic Cox was sporting an awkward, "this was inspired by a 47-year-old business man" cell phone clip on her belt.

Sadly, Courteney isn't the only celebrity to commit this major geek faux paux. Nicole Richie's fella Joel Madden was also spotted wearing his BlackBerry on his hip recently, leading me to believe that somewhere there are a pack of stylists or personal assistants encouraging the use. Yes, I know, they are important, busy people, but your phone shouldn't be worn as an accessory in any circumstance.

As always, my advice is to get a more chic and discreet cell phone holder, which will allow you to keep your phone within reach, but not attached to your body.







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