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10 Reasons Veronica Mars Is Your Ultimate Geek-Girl Crush

Jul 18 2014 - 1:34pm

We've got a thing for geek girls on television [1], but our ultimate badass, tech-savvy TV crush is none other than private investigator Veronica Mars [2] — and we're not alone! Not only was the Veronica Mars movie funded through Kickstarter [3], but it broke records — just proof that we all love a heroine who's not afraid to let her geek flag fly.

With an introduction to the movie at last year's Comic-Con [4], we knew that Veronica would hold a place in our hearts forever. Why? Because with her smarts, sass, and gadget skills, she inspires us to be the very best marshmallows [5] we can be. And with Kristen Bell [6], who plays Veronica, celebrating a birthday today [7], all the more reason to embrace our love for her, right?

Source: Warner Brothers [8]

She's a modern-day Nancy Drew and sees clues in crazy, unexpected places.

Source: Warner Brothers [9]

She's not only smart, but also sassy, with a great comeback for everything.

Source: Warner Brothers [10]

She's a master photographer, no photo-editing apps [11] needed.

Source: Warner Brothers [12]

She also knows how to ask for help, enlisting the help of her computer-whiz BFF, Mac.

Source: Warner Brothers [13]

It's a fact; she's smarter than the boys.

Source: Warner Brothers [14]

She owns all sorts of handy gadgets for catching bad guys red-handed.

Source: Warner Brothers [15]

Including a taser.

Source: Warner Brothers [16]

She's not afraid of cosplay [17].

Source: Warner Brothers [18]

She also has the ultimate sidekick [19]: her dog, Backup.

Source: Warner Brothers [20]

And while she can get herself into trouble, you know she'll always get out of it.

Source: Warner Brothers [21]

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