WiFi Booster For iPhone

A WiFi-Boosting iPhone Case For Mobile Web Warriors

WiFi Booster For iPhone

Our high-tech devices could use a boost every once in a while — especially our smartphones. We're using these tiny gizmos to connect to the web all the time, but their Internet antennas aren't actually that powerful, and sometimes data network connections doesn't cut it.

Enter Absolute Technology's Linkase: signal-enhancing tech protection that claims to increase WiFi connectivity up to 50 percent. The signal-boosting case sounds like a dream.

The company developed electromagnetic waveguide technology to improve everyday WiFi performance and provide 360-degree protection. We'll have to see for ourselves how our Internet connections fare when the iPhone 5 case ($50 suggested retail) hits shelves next month. Until then, take a look at Linkase's offerings and find out how the signal-boosting technology works.