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Wii Fit Yoga Mat Found!

Spotted: Wii Fit Yoga Mat at Target

I've been looking everywhere for a Wii Fit Yoga Mat ever since I saw it in the DreamGear Fitness Bundle, and behold — just yesterday I spotted the fit-worthy accessory in the game section of Target, and had to hold myself back from dropping it in my cart (gotta prioritize game accessories in this economy, right?). But I suppose the $30 price isn't too much to spend on my favorite Wii Fit exercise!

What other Wii Fit accessory did I find in the aisles that had my fingers itching to swipe my credit card? Find out when you read more.

A Balance Board Sleeve! This was in the same price range as the mat at $30 dollars, and kinda reminded me of a laptop sleeve since it was made out of the standard neoprene material, but hey — you gotta protect your investments, right?

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