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Wii Sports Is the World's Best-Selling Video Game

Are You Surprised Wii Sports Is the Best-Selling Video Game?

Software company VGChartz says that Wii Sports is the world's best-selling video game, which has raised more than a few eyebrows. I certainly credit the game for being a great introduction to the Wii itself (there's a reason that it comes with the console), and to selling people on the Wii and casual gaming in general.

Best-selling is certainly different than saying it's the best (you said the best for 2008 was the Wii Fit), and I also wonder if the fact that the sales of the Wii are so good that Wii Sports is getting the props because it's included. In any case, it has surpassed Super Mario Bros. in sales, which could not have been an easy feat.

So tell me, all things considered, are you surprised that the world's best-selling video game is Wii Sports?


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