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The Wii WeDock Keeps Your Wii Neatly Stowed

You can't deny the fact that the Nintendo Wii is so sleek and oh so sophisticated. Unless you have a Wii WeDock from Brando, you're probably taking away some of its sleek aesthetic appeal by wrapping the cords around the nunchucks between game time. Or maybe your Wii's console, cords, and nunchucks have become a permanent fixture in the center of your family room. Whatever the case may be, you might be interested in this WeDock, which neatly stores two sets of Wiimotes and Nunchucks.

The inside of the WeDock has a springboard so you can easily get your controllers for a quick game of bowling or boxing. Priced at $19, no one will ever know what are in these white boxes, but then again -maybe you want them to!

wii wedock

wii wedock 2

wii wedock 3

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