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The Interactive Wand Muggles Have Waited Their Whole Lives For

Jul 8 2014 - 3:12pm

You can never (I repeat, never) be too old for Harry Potter. Muggle fans, even grown-up ones, can now experience what magic life is like with the brand-new Diagon Alley exhibit at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter [1] in Orlando, FL, which opens on July 8. POPSUGAR Love & Sex [2] editor Tara Block got a sneak preview of the new attraction and shared her favorite moments with us.

Source: CBS [3]

Diagon Alley's coolest addition is its motion-sensing, interactive wands [4]. That's right, wands! The kind that enable muggles to do magic. A sensor in the wand allows you to point at designated locations throughout the park and cast a spell. These special points recognize a certain swish-and-flick pattern (don't worry, there's a little guide on the floor for all you nonmagic folk). Watch the video for a full preview of what you can do!

Source: Universal Orlando [5]

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