Wood Mac Keyboard Tray

Combine Keyboard Tray Keeps Your Mac Accessories Organized

Wood Mac Keyboard Tray

I told you how I set up a Mac Mini to use as an entertainment center, but what I haven't told you is that my coffee table gets a little cluttered. Alongside my TV, sound system, and PS3 remotes, there's the whole keyboard and trackpad situation. While I don't mind having these two sitting in my living room, I wouldn't mind a bit more organization.

It's this conundrum that's led me to the Combine Keyboard Tray ($99). Made to cradle your Mac's wireless keyboard and trackpad in solid-joined black walnut, this tray not only keeps your accessories in order, but also has hidden storage compartments for your Mac remote, chargers, extra batteries, or whatever else you want to keep out of sight. Plus, the unit is totally appropriate for the most eco-friendly homes, having been crafted with water-based glue, food-safe oils, and wood that's been sustainably harvested from North America. And good news for you lefties — there's a left-handed model for you as well. Get a closer look at the Keyboard tray in the gallery!


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